Mindful Kitchen’s Spring Fling

Image by Rosy Nicholas

We’re teaming up with Mindful Kitchen to bring you Spring Fling, an experiential Easter Sunday lunch and workshop, held up on 7th Floor of Ace Hotel.

Spring is in the air and there are plenty of reasons to stop and smell the roses! Did you know that research shows that relating to nature boosts your cognitive ability, reduces stress and helps you lead a more meaningful life? The Mindful Kitchen is here to show you how tapping into nature can be as easy as tuning in to the seasons in your kitchen.

Your Easter Sunday meal, held up on the 7th Floor of Ace Hotel, will be peppered with tasting activities and preserve making served up in the form of re-imagined childhood games that help you connect to the season with every bite. The stars of the show will be spring foods usually casting in supporting roles. We’ll take your tastebuds back to the days when foods weren’t available all year round and the first carrot of April could blow you away! Talk about reawakening.

The ticket price includes a 1 hour workshop, bespoke Spring Fling cocktail, glass of wine, two course meal and you’ll leave with a zero waste preserve of your own making. To buy tickets click HERE

The dishes and drinks served at the workshop, and created by the chefs and bartenders of Hoi Polloi, will also be available on the restaurant menu for the duration of April.