Erotic Possibilities

Erotic Possibilities

Hoi Polloi invites you to a day of talks about sex & sexuality, taking place up the 7th Floor at Ace Hotel, on Sunday 26th March.

‘We live in a world where there is more and more information and less and less meaning’ stated the philosopher and sociologist Jean Baudrillard (1994). If we put that into context with contemporary sex, – our animalistic needs are now commoditised into increasingly inventive forms, we have grown into discerning shoppers and seek sex for novelty, digital self reflection, variability and disposability.

We hit ‘like’ when it’s a yes, ‘swipe’ when it’s a no, and we are now one in three billion consummating an online sexual prowess. The three graces, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe aka the KKK flaunt it, Bruce, once their step-father and now their step-mother has a program about it, Professor Donna Haraway has a great book on it, Robert Jensen is debating it, Coca Cola lures you with it and over on Tumblr there is a new online subculture of female led image makers, making work about it, and with a click of a mouse and your security code, you can have sex with a computer generated gremlin and not to mention Joe, your new hot intern. But how do these never ending new nuances of sexual content affect our personal relationships with its physicality?
It engulfs our everyday, yet what does sex and sexuality mean to us now in a world where sex and physical action is evolving to become more and more divided? Erotic Possibilities is a series of talks inviting different practitioners who in one way or another have benefited professionally from sex and sexuality. The talks will investigate the evolvement of sex and sexuality today and explore the meaning of sex and music, commerce, celebrity, fashion, art, publishing, activism, the internet, photography and film. Hosted by Reba Maybury of Wet Satin Press and Matthew Holroyd of Baron and Baroness Magazines and set at the very stimulating Hoi Polloi at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch.

Big, long and rousing, Erotic Possibilities is set to take place at the end of March 2017.

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Talk Schedule


Sex & Music – 14:00

Gina X

Robert Henry Rubin – Night Magazine

Anat Ben David – Chicks on Speed


Sex & Publishing – 15:00

Matthew Holroyd – Baron Magazine

Reba Maybury – Wet Satin Press

Mark Hassle – Paul Raymond Publications

Izabela Anna – Lyra Magazine


Sex & Activism – 16:00

Peter Tatchell

Emma Gruner


Sex & Fashion – 17:00

Judy Blame

Sebastiaan Pieter

Emma Hope Allwood – Dazed & Confused Magazine


Sex & Art – 18:00

Sue Webster

Prem Sahib

Nancy Dell’Olio


Sex & Celebrity – 19:00

Ampika Pickston

Lotta Volkova – TBC


Sex & Photography – 20:30

Eva Stenram

Spencer Rowell

Alison Webster